06.05.2017 It’s always so nice to see old classmates, especially when it gives an opportunity to travel and discover new places ❤ Aaaaand it was the occasion for me to go to the Korean War Veterans Memorial for the first time ☝

Embassies’ open doors!

06.05.2017   Every weekend during May, something happens in the embassies in Washington DC. Last week, the ones from all over the world except Europe were open. You could go in, see some exhibitions, and, last but not least, try some local food for free! We went to discover Colombia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Tunisia and Japan;…

SUM41! 😍

03.05.2017 Oh my god, this was such a great evening 😱 The two first bands, Chapel and Emarosa, weren’t really the kind of music I enjoy, so it was a looong waiting for Sum 41. And I skipped Pierce The Veil because I don’t really like their music and the sound was bad in the…

Baseball game!

30.04.2017 Brought a bunch of new students to see the Nats against the Mets, and the Nats won!

Maryland Day!

29.04.2017 The day when you can come talk with people from each faculty of the University of Maryland and walk around College Park 🙂 By the way, I think the campus is bigger than my village ahahah Journée portes ouvertes de l’Université du Maryland 🙂 Je crois que le campus est plus grand que mon…

Sunset at the Mall ❤

28.04.2017 In case you’re wondering, putting your legs on the Washington Monument is a must do when visiting. Just, don’t do it if you’re drunk, you might feel more than dizzy 😂😉

The Pretty Reckless + Them Evils @ 9:30 Club ❤

26.04.2017 After seven months, I finally went to 9:30 Club! As the Fillmore, it kind of looks like Les Docks in Lausanne, but higher, which gives you a great feeling of being home. The opening act was a band from California called Them Evils. They had a wonderful energy on stage and they shared so…